Who Are B&E?

brandon-colby-cook-profile-pic-tightBRANDON COLBY COOK

Helps motivated, driven artists to make award winning films and write compelling scripts that attract financing, so they can position themselves to be in demand and sought after for their creative abilities, without having to spend endless hours struggling on their own. He’s a working screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, producer and runs an international online film school known as the BC Film Academy.


photo-2016-09-30-2-08-35-pmEVAN C. SCHULTE

Is a guide for passionate actors and artists who are searching for a deeper level in their work or are frustrated with the barriers that are holding them back from creating with their truth.  He knows the struggle and now shares his perception shifting experiences about the creative process.  He is a working actor, screenwriter and co-founder/teacher of The Players Creative Company.


the-be-podcast-image…WHY THE PODCAST?

Our aim is to discover how creatives can succeed in their chosen field, while navigating their industry with integrity & authenticity as they do.  We go into each conversation with curiosity and aim to find a greater understanding, rather than assuming we already know the answers.  Our hope is that not only will this help us and our audience grow through the discussion, but that it will inspire others to think more deeply about their artistry as well.