The B&E Podcast #165
“The End of An Era”

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Folks this is the end of “The B&E Podcast” as you know it.  Don’t worry though, we will be back and better than ever very soon.  On this finale, we reflect on some of the biggest personal lessons we learned doing the podcast.  We’ll see you all again soon under our new name, “WAY OF THE ARTIST”.

– Art is all about beginnings.  Sometimes a new start means throwing some old things away.  Embracing that process means stepping into unknown territory, but bringing in the wisdom you learned from your past experience and trusting where you’ll land.

– In this journey of being creatives and artists, there’s going to be a fair share of highs, lows, and unexpected turns.  Learning to accept this as part of the ride helps us to move through the tough times with less pain and even find profound lessons that will propel you even further than before.

– There are a fair share of temptations along the path of artistry that ask us to do something we’re not truthfully comfortable with; to compromise ourselves or our work in some way.  Knowing that we always retain the power to choose, and to say no has never been more important in our world.


Howe Sound Brewing (Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout) – Today’s Craft Brewery

VALUABLE LINKS: – The Official Website– Brewery of Choice Today – The BC Film Academy – Acting School

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