The B&E Podcast #161
“Connecting Your Art With the Audience”

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On this “Not So Serious” podcast, we use the art of cinematography as a jump off point which becomes a terrific catalyst for us to explore the bigger themes of creating.  We explore the play of control and chaos, the payoffs of maintaining your integrity, and why you are your greatest asset.

– This beautiful art plays such a huge role in how effectively the story is being told.  Great cinematography not only gives you the best view but works to make you feel something and build an emotional connection to the story.  By making creative decisions to serve the whole as opposed to simply trying to “look cool”, your work goes to another level.

– Where are you working from?  Are you honouring your own ideas?  Are you honouring the things that really compel you when you’re creating?  Do you have your own emotional connection to the subject matter you’re dealing with?  By tapping into our own humanity and its muckiness, we open the opportunity for the audience to connect more deeply.

– When you’re in sync with your own experience, when you’re trusting yourself and letting your connection to your material come out, all kinds of beautiful things you didn’t expect or couldn’t have even thought of make their way out.  All kinds of colours and nuance begin weaving into what you’re creating and you might not even realize it until much later.


Parallel 49 Brewing (“Gypsy Tears” Northwest Red Ale) – Today’s Craft Brewery

VALUABLE LINKS: – The Official Website– Brewery of Choice Today – The BC Film Academy – Acting School

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