The B&E Podcast #155
“Why Change Is Hard & How to Do It”

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Let’s get not so serious with it and see what happens!  We tackle issues around making changes, making decisions and making love.  Well maybe not exactly that last part, but love has a big part in all of it.  We discover that when it comes down to being great artists and having great lives, love is the way to decide.

 Changes are a part of life.  They happen out in the world and they happen on a personal level.  When things get uncomfortable and painful, we can spare ourselves suffering by listening to what it’s telling us.  Usually, it’s to make a change.

– Letting go is maybe one of the strongest things we will ever learn to do.  Part of what makes us indecisive and resistant to change is because we’re hanging onto something, often something that doesn’t serve us.  When we let go of our ideas and judgments around what letting something go might mean we can embrace a more truthful voice and a path that is calling to us.

We’re either making our decisions out of love or out of fear.  Quite simply, what are you basing your decisions on?


Yellow Dog Brewing Co. (“Sit and Stay India Session Belgian Ale) – Today’s Craft Brewery

Alan Watts – Author/Philosopher

“Strengths Finder 2.0” (Book) – Tom Rath

“Metal Gear” (Videogame Series) – Hideo Kojima

VALUABLE LINKS: – The Official Website – Brewery of Choice Today – The BC Film Academy – Acting School

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