The B&E Podcast #152
“Give Yourself a Chance to be Incredible”

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We love these not so serious talks.  We always get into something.  On this one, we put a lot of focus on filmmaking to discover some universal truths about artistry.  As artists, we have many tools at our disposal, many methods, and many means, but this is not what makes us artists.  By learning to wield these means in direction and service to a vision we can go beyond.

 Inspiration can often be found in new methods and techniques, but that doesn’t make them stand on their own.  They must still be crafted, shaped, used where they fit.  Sometimes it means foregoing it all together — the choice is yours.

– Behind a lot of the practical logics in craft and industry, there was some artistic reason.  When that reason gets lost and only the practicality remains you’re left with an empty shell and the artistry is lost.

To be an artist means to be bold and daring and to fall and risk.  Only then are you truly able to know what is inside of you.  Playing it safe is not the ground of artistry — find your opportunities and put your voice out there.


Category 12 Brewing (Simplicity Blond) – Today’s Craft Brewery

VALUABLE LINKS: – The Official Website – Brewery of Choice Today – The BC Film Academy – Acting School

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