The B&E Podcast #151
“Finding the Life, Work, Art Balance”

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Finding the balance seems like a constant conversation around here.  On this one, we take a direct look on finding that equilibrium in some of the biggest areas that affect us.  We discover that we always have choices to find greater balance and more joy in our lives when we let go of our judgments.  This one is super tasty.

 When anything is too far out, as in too much work or too much play, or even too much art, there’s bound to be problems.  Life will become too dull, too stressful, too uninspired etc.  When one thing is taking too much of your energy, swing in the other direction to find balance.

– Sometimes we need to step away from what we’re doing, even if it’s the art that we love.  It isn’t the same as taking a step back, this is an exercise in gaining perspective on our situation so we can make a powerful decision to follow more joy in our lives.

Part of what gets in the way of us following our passion and what’s exciting for us now is our attachment to the past and what we think it might mean if we walked away from something we’ve invested a lot of time into.  When we realize that it doesn’t mean anything and that we can come back or change the path at any time we open up to complete artistic freedom.


Category 12 Brewing (Wild IPA) – Today’s Craft Brewery

“Paddle Your Own Canoe” (Book) – Nick Offerman

“Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” (Book) – Daniel H. Pink

VALUABLE LINKS: – The Official Website – Brewery of Choice Today – The BC Film Academy – Acting School

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