The B&E Podcast #149
“What It Takes to Have Longevity in the Arts”

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How do you have a long career and survive the trials and tribulations of an artistic life?  This is what we explore in this saucy little episode.  We come away with some great ideas around how we motivate ourselves and what it is that we’re really doing as artists.

 When we reduce our art forms down to results, rewards, fame or even technique, we lose sight of the whole point.  When we’re creating from this place it all becomes a huge drag that is sure to shorten your career.

– What is it that you do?  Actually?  Behind the label of what you do, what do you do?  Ask yourself this question.  Begin to explore this thing that you have set out to do and begin to uncover the deep feeling, meaning, and motivation that makes it all worthwhile.  This is your inner artist.  Find what is beautiful and you will find the truth.

When you’re really doing what you’re doing, everything melts away.  Your concept of time, place, even your self, seems to evaporate.  When you’re engaged amazing things happen creatively.  Ultimately, this can become the goal of artistic endeavor that can last a lifetime.


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