The B&E Podcast #143
“Supercharge Your Hard Work With Intention”

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Do you feel the power?  It may seem silly, it may seem like some mumbo jumbo but there’s definitely something to this thing called intention.  We also get into setting up affirmations, being more giving and leaving room for things to unfold.  Get ready to get fired up!

– By getting clear on what we want and practicing positive affirmations towards it, we begin to reprogram how we think.  This has far reaching implications that help us get past old, stubborn blocks, and see opportunities where there were once obstacles.

– Intentions are pointless without taking action, and vice-versa.  Together, action and intention create a powerful force in our lives that manifest in a life that looks more like the way we want.  Create your intentions in a way that promotes action.

– So you’re still not sold on all this stuff.  Think about it this way — what do you gain by thinking negatively about your life and your possibilities?  Is it really any more realistic?  Why would you not want to think in a way that promotes more joy and creativity in your day to day life?


Hoyne Brewing Company (Hoyne Pilsner) – Today’s Craft Brewery

“Think and Grow Rich” (Book) – Napoleon Hill

“The Artist’s Way” (Book) – Julia Cameron

Big Think (Youtube Channel)

VALUABLE LINKS: – The Official Website– Brewery of Choice Today – The BC Film Academy – Acting School

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