The B&E Podcast #140
“Why You’re Not Finding What You’re Seeking”

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Seek and you shall find.  Yes indeed.  This one is all about our focus, our expectations, our challenges and how we are being conscious in our lives and in our work.  This one is full of all kinds of tasty wisdom and personal stories.  We uncover how we can take a new look at our lives and how the universe has our backs.

– What are you looking for in your day to day life?  What are you expecting of the world?  Is it hostile?  Is it against you?  Or is it supporting you?  Is it out for your best interest?  You decide what you want to find in the world — which will you choose?

– Once we have set out on a course to accomplish something there are all kinds of curves that can come at us.  When we resist them we run ourselves off the road.  When we let go of our expectation we discover that these curves are there to give us greater clarity and discover the true nature of our journey.

– Depression can teach us many things, and as a personal note from both of us, if you are going through a hard time in your life and thinking about doing harm to yourself or someone else, please, please, please, talk to somebody about what you’re feeling.  Whether it’s a trusted friend, partner, family member, or counseling professional, bringing light and awareness to what you’re experiencing is the path to healing.


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