The B&E Podcast #129
“Unapologetically Creating With Abandon & Trust”

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Are you kidding me!  Not so serious turns out another saucy talk all about our attachments, going back to the beginning and becoming freer as artists.  There’s a healthy dose of philosophy as well as practical wisdom in this one.  Get ready for your daily inspiration dose.

 Starting with what you’re passionate or excited about is key to winning the battle of meaning because it’s already taken care of for you.  You don’t need to keep reconnecting because you know.  When you’re connected to that, presence is your next ally that will take you through all of the twists and turns of the creative process with attention and honesty.

You would be amazed at how learning the value of detachment, that is, letting go of results, can have profound impacts on our ability to create.  When we get past our attachments we can get past our judgments meaning we can let go of the pressure and create with greater freedom and honesty.  It also doesn’t matter what happens with it after.  Nice.  Do it for doing it.

Some of the most useful things an artist may ever learn are curiosity, willingness and abandon.  With these things on your side, there are infinite things to be discovered, explored and expressed.  Side note – detachment really helps with this.


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