The B&E Podcast #123
“Why Being Honest is the Path to Untapped Potential”

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Seems like we’re on a theme around honesty these days — that’s okay, it’s a good one.  This one is about being honest with ourselves and others, our emotions, detachment, identification, fear, being right, and embracing the unknown.  Just another dive down the rabbit hole.

Many of us have a habit of being dishonest about how we’re feeling, even to ourselves.  We often attribute our reasons for nondisclosure to being polite or nice.  When we’re not being truthful about where we’re at, casting judgment on certain emotions we experience, we do more harm in the long run to ourselves, others, and our work.  Finding the courage to be honest without losing kindness gives us a kind of power and peace in our lives.

Part of the problems that arise with our emotions comes in our judgment and identification of them.  When we make our emotions mean something about us instead of simply allowing them to flow we create much more pain than is necessary.

-We are so afraid of what we don’t know.  Whether that’s something out in the world or some part of ourselves we don’t want to look at, our first response is most often fear.  There is so little any of us really know, and clinging onto being right causes more discomfort than embracing the unknown.  The unknown is where we learn to thrive and find joy in our lives and our work.


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