The B&E Podcast #120
“Make Hard Decisions Easy By Getting Honest”

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We always like to think that we do good podcasts, but this one is really damn good.  A Not So Serious conversation gets into the whole idea of being selfish, judgments, then steers off into becoming powerful decision makers in our lives.  Full of inspiration and practical wisdom.  Don’t pass this one up!

-It’s not right to be selfish, self-centered, self-full, etc.  There’s a ton of judgments around these notions in our culture and it has perhaps led us to devalue the things we truly want to do in our lives.  This isn’t about being discompassionate or a jerk to others in our desires, but about honouring the people we truly are.

-We often make decisions feeling like we’re catering to someone else, growing resentful and watching our own desires fade away.  It’s vital that we become intimate with our own wants and needs and know that that’s okay as well as entirely necessary.

-Indecision will kill you.  Making decision will make you happier and alleviate anxiety.  Make decisions that are good enough.  Trust it.  All decisions we make have some kind of positive intention.  The outcome we don’t know, but they create movement — then respond.  Decide, respond, respond, respond, decide again.  Learn to embrace this process and stop making your choices so precious.


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