The B&E Podcast #118
“Why the Conditions You’re Creating Are Crippling You”

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This one is for the actors out there, though there are lots of parallels for other types of artists here.  We freefall our way into a conversation about learning to let go of our identifications and conditions of our art and learning it for the first time.  We also talk about the truth about getting jaded and creating a healthy, flourishing environment for ourselves.

-Sometimes we are in a situation for one reason or another where we have to withdraw or realize we already have withdrawn from our craft.  This can be a great thing.  This can teach us that we don’t need this thing; that we don’t need to identify as this thing; that we don’t need to put all kinds of conditions on this thing.  We learn the power to say, “no”, and then return with the ability to make a powerful “YES!”

-This old adage pertains a lot to our careers and as artists.  We put things in front of us that have no place being there.  In fact, by putting them there we create more problems out of a sense of keeping an eye on things.

-In artistic industry, it’s easy to become jaded and cynical.  When we dig past our resentment we discover that it all has to do with us and our relationship to ourselves.  Why are you really upset?  What is the meaning you’re creating?  How can you learn and let it go?


The Parkside Brewery (Dusk Pale Ale) – Today’s Craft Brewery

“The Alchemist” (Book) – Paulo Coelho

“The Success Principles” (Book) – Jack Canfield

VALUABLE LINKS: – The Official Website – Brewery of Choice Today – The BC Film Academy – Acting School

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