The B&E Podcast #112
“A Guide to Working the Webseries Festival w/ Suzette Laqua”

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With the creator/founder of the Vancouver Web Fest, Suzette Laqua, we talk about the incredible potential of creating content for online release.  Using festivals and connecting to producers/distributors, this platform is growing every year and unlocking new opportunities for original ideas — YOUR IDEAS.

-The biggest thing with having success in web fests is still the same with any film in any platform — a good story.  A story with a lot of heart and passion is key to getting in and makes up for what might be lacking in lighting or other technical areas.  Those standards are quickly going up though as web series become more and more recognized.

-When it comes to festivals, many people get scared off at the idea of “schmoozing” at events.  Make it less about having to sell yourself and more about making authentic connections by being a real human with someone else and helping them feel comfortable to do the same.

-It’s been said so many times, but you gotta believe in yourself!  Doesn’t matter how much experience you have or how old you are, if you have an idea and you are excited and passionate about it, believe in it and good things will happen!


Suzette Laqua

Guest: Suzette Laqua



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