The B&E Podcast #111
“The Big Picture of Having an Acting or Writing Career”

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This one takes all kinds of delightful little turns into specific areas concerning acting and writing.  From being a beginner to a novice to making a career worth having, there’s lots of information and misinformation out there.  Let’s get honest with each other and with ourselves and make choices from an authentic place.

-There are a few trouble spots that actors and writers can get themselves into in their work.  Usually, they have something to do with what we think “should” be going on or getting caught up in our own emotions.  It’s all part of the process and we can learn something from every stage.

-We don’t all get the same start or advantages — that doesn’t mean we bemoan our fate and curse others for what we perceive they got and we didn’t.  Our biggest enemy to starting and creating what we want is ourselves and no one else.

-Many actors and writers start out or fall into the trap of being credit seekers for everything they do.  The constant need for validation and recognition is a surefire way to suffocate yourself, your passion, and your career over the long stretch.


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