The B&E Podcast #083
“Take the Time to Make it Personal”

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We overlook our personal connection to our work more often than we think.  Whether we have been contracted to create something or if it’s our own project, we need to be deeply, emotionally connected to it.  We need to feel the desire to make our creations regardless of what may come of them.  When we have this level of meaning, we run into fewer blocks along the way to making our best works.

-No matter what might happen with your work, do you still feel a strong emotional desire to do it?  To reveal your message, to tell this story, to say something burning inside you?  You should be getting as much out of the works you are creating as your potential audience.  When you’re tapped into that you will find the power to blast through your walls and get it done.

-When we cast judgment on the subjects of our art, it doesn’t matter how powerful the message or passion we feel, we cut out the humanity that is so essential to our audience connecting to it in a more profound way.

-Fame is a strange thing to make as our ultimate goal in life.  It will make our pursuits lifeless and won’t fill the human void we feel, which compelled the goal in the first place.  Feeling worthy comes from doing what feels worthy to you.



Strangefellows Brewing (Nocturnum Dark IPA) – Today’s Craft Brewery

“Awaken the Giant Within” (Book) – Tony Robbins

“Haters Back Off” (Episodic Show) – Netflix

B&E Podcast #081 – “Prioritizing Between Creativity & Logic”


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